Today in the city Lost River 26.05.2017
Don't Let the Sun Set On This Philips Wake-Up Light Deal, Now Cheaper Than Ever

If you still haven’t upgraded your morning routine with a life-changing wake-up light, the top-of-the-line model has never been cheaper than it is today on Amazon. Read more...

Last Chance for Infrastructure Bill With Adjournment Looming

The Montana House will take one last shot at passing an $80 million infrastructure package before the Legislature ends its 2017 session.

NFL Draft 2017 Results: Full List of Selections and Grades from Round 1

There are many aspects that go into a building a team and turning it into a consistent playoff side with legitimate championship aspirations. A team's ability to develop talent and help players improv...

Wells Fargo account scam targeted undocumented immigrants, lawsuit claims

A lawsuit claims that Wells Fargo brought immigrants into a branch office and cajole them into opening bank accounts. NBC News reports.

Rebuilding Bears Look Officially Lost Drafting Mitchell Trubisky 2nd Overall

Once in a while, a big, awkward basketball forward with a low shooting percentage inexplicably puts up a three-pointer with 20 seconds on the shot clock, causing fans to scream in frustration.  W...

Nuggets' Jamal Murray Underwent Surgery to Repair Core Injury

Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray had surgery to repair injuries to his core muscles on Thursday.  Per Rob Lopez of Def Pen Sports, the Nuggets announced Murray's surgery and that he is expected...

Diamondbacks' Shelby Miller May Undergo Tommy John Surgery to Repair UCL Injury

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Shelby Miller suffered a partial tear of his UCL, Jack Magruder of FanRag Sports Network reported Thursday. Magruder noted Tommy John surgery is an option. "It sucks,...

Tycoons On Forbes South Korea Rich List Weather The Storm

TYCOONS ON FORBES SOUTH KOREA RICH LIST WEATHER THE STORM Lee Kun-Hee holds the top spot for the 9th year in a row SINGAPORE (April 27, 2017) – It was a year of trouble and trials for South Korea’s ch...

These Gorgeous Low-Light Photographs Were Taken With A Cellphone

A software engineer at Google decided to push the cameras in the Nexus and Pixel phones to their limits to discover what they can do in low-light conditions. The results are breathtaking.

Can Planets Bend Light?

If light bends around massive objects, does it only work for really large objects, or can smaller bodies like planets also bend light?

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